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Redeye Pro by Thinkflood

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MSRP: CDN $799.99

Product Code: TF_RE0201

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RedEye Pro: beyond remote control


RedEye Pro goes beyond the home theater control of our original RedEye and allows you to manage a wide variety of equipment, including lighting and security systems, HVAC, pumps and sprinklers, and more. Of course RedEye Pro still lets you use whatever device you have handy as a controller, whether it be a PC, a smartphone, or a tablet.


Routable infrared with digital gain control, contact closure sensors and relays, RS-232, 10/100 Ethernet, and 802.11 b/g WiFi mean RedEye Pro can talk to anything you care to throw at it.


Configure a single RedEye Pro to control multiple rooms, and soon combine multiple RedEye Pro units together into a single functional unit for even more connectivity.


Advanced scripting for complete control and seamless integration with other systems. Internal power supply, fanless operation, stylish design, and included mounting kit so RedEye Pro looks great in a rack or a stack.



On the surface, RedEye Pro works just like our original RedEye unit — it attaches to your home network so that you can control equipment from a wide variety of devices, including iPhones, iPads, and personal computers. RedEye Pro simplifies control of your equipment using activities, so you can tap one button to play a movie, another to listen to music, a third to watch television — without having to provide a user manual explaining the gory details of how your TV connects to your AV receiver connects to your cable box connects to your Blu-Ray player. Phew.

RedEye Pro further extends simplified control by allowing you to connect to more equipment. First, RedEye Pro is able to control more than one room in the house at a time — it can even synchronize control across multiple rooms. Second, RedEye Pro comes equipped with a wide array of physical connections so that it can work with devices that receive infrared commands as well as those that communicate over a serial port (RS-232), using sensors, relays, and more. For example, by integrating with a lighting system, you can configure RedEye Pro not only to control the lighting as part of your activities, but you can also use light switches to control RedEye Pro and the other equipment connected to it. Imagine walking in the front door and having the lights come on automatically and your favorite music or radio program start playing quietly in the background.

RedEye Pro is available now from select dealers and custom integrators.  Please contact us for a reseller near you.


How Does It Work?

Central Storage

Your iPhone, iPad or personal computer communicates with RedEye Pro over your home network. When you configure the system, your configuration is stored on the RedEye Pro itself. Then if you connect with a different phone your stored configuration automatically syncs to the new controller. In fact, when you switch activities using one controller you can see the change reflected on other controllers. You can even back up your configuration to a PC through RedEye Pro’s built-in homepage.

Connection Central

Telephone Switchboard

RedEye Pro is designed to control just about anything, anywhere you have it in your house. For most home theater equipment, RedEye Pro’s eight routable infrared ports should do fine. Contact closure sensors allow you to trigger activities and commands in response to outside events, such as the opening of a garage door or the a rising water level in your basement. Contact relays make it easy to activate other equipment, such as pumps or receivers. And RS-232 gives you complete, two-way control of powerful systems such as lighting or HVAC.

Is all this equipment spread out around your house? No problem. You can configure RedEye Pro to recognize different zones, each of which appears as a “room” in the RedEye app. RedEye Pro even integrates seamlessly with our WiFi RedEye unit, so you can add additional rooms easily and inexpensively, and control them from the smartphone, tablet or PC that is most convenient to you at the moment.

Standard Internet Technology

Internet Technology
RedEye Pro is actually a Linux server. It uses standard Internet technologies like TCP and HTTP, and sends around information in XML documents. Why do you care? Because it means that RedEye Pro isn’t just a remote control platform for your iPhone. In theory, any Internet-connected device can communicate with RedEye. We have already released software updates that enable you to control RedEye from any PC with a basic web browser. And we are currently developing software for Android phones and tablets.


RedEye Pro is much more than a box full of connectors, and software plays a key role. At ThinkFlood we develop our software in-house and strive to provide regular updates and improvements. Here are some of the things that we feel set our software apart from the crowd:

  • Activity-based approach

    We believe your home theater should be organized around what you do, not what hardware manufacturers produce. One touch to play a movie, touch again to watch TV — no more trying to remember which audio and video inputs you need.
  • Smart actions

    Many other remotes have “macro” capability (the option to have one button send two or more signals). RedEye goes beyond macros with smart actions that actually keep track of things like whether a device is on or off. Smart actions are particularly useful when switching activities — when you transition from watching TV to playing a DVD, RedEye Pro is smart enough to leave the TV on.
  • Customizable button layouts

    RedEye gives you a unique button layout for each activity you create, so the “remote” you use when listening to music is different from the one you use when watching TV. You can customize everything from button placement to size. We even have hundreds of channel logos built right into the application.
  • Activity templates

    Customizable button layouts for each activity are great, but creating them from scratch can be a lot of work. When you create a new activity, RedEye starts you off with a well-designed template. And by template we don’t mean a single, standard set of buttons. Instead, RedEye Pro uses information like the activity type (Watch TV or Listen to Music?) and the devices you include in the activity (do you route your sound through an A/V receiver or your TV speakers?) to determine what buttons to include and how they should function.
  • Macro and toggle buttons

    In addition to the usual tap or tap-and-hold functionality you expect, it is easy to make RedEye activity buttons perform more advanced functions. Macro buttons can send out multiple commands — for example, a smart mute button that turns on closed captioning when turning off the volume. Toggle buttons can switch between different functions each time you press them, like the classic play/pause button on a CD or MP3 player.
  • Shortcut gestures

    Touchscreens are great because they provide the ultimate flexibility — custom layouts for each activity being one example. However, they can make it harder to tap the right button when you are channel surfing or otherwise need to be looking elsewhere. RedEye uses the full functionality of the iPhone — multitouch and the accelerometer — to overcome this limitation. Choose from any of five motion gestures or eighteen multi-touch gestures for any button in your activity layout.
  • Customizable delays

    When executing a series of actions — for example during the launch of an activity — it is important to be able to fine-tune the delay between commands. RedEye Pro allows you to insert delays of up to 20 seconds in 0.05 second increments.
  • Quick launch

    You want to be able to pick up your remote control and use it right away. If your remote is an app on your phone, then it has to launch fast and put you in the driver’s seat immediately. RedEye Pro is optimized to launch quickly and to bring you right to the activity in progress. And now if you are using iOS 4 on a device that supports multi-tasking it’s even faster than before.
  • Online infrared code database

    Sure, RedEye Pro can learn commands from your existing remote controls, but who wants to do that? Our software is backed by an online database of 70,000 infrared codes covering over 1,600 device manufacturers, so there’s a good chance we have what you need. And because the database is stored on a web server rather than on your phone or the RedEye hardware, you get updates to the database as soon as they are available — no need to wait for the next software release.
  • Integrated channel guide

    The RedEye app includes an television channel guide covering cable, satellite, and over-the-air broadcasts in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, with more countries coming soon. With the channel guide you no longer need to take up the space on your main screen while you decide what to watch next. It is also easy to filter the list based on your favorite channels so that you don’t have to scroll through dozens of screens just to find what you want.
  • Disabling the sleep timer

    The built in sleep-timers in iOS and Android help you conserve battery, and so you want to leave them on in most cases. However, when you are sitting down within arm’s reach of a charging cradle, you might prefer to keep the phone awake. A simple setting in the RedEye app allows you to disable the sleep timer while the application is running without disabling it for all applications.
  • Multi-room capability

    The RedEye app makes it easy to control any RedEye system on your network. Simply tap on the Rooms screen and select the RedEye room you want to control, and the app takes you immediately to the currently running activity for that room.
  • Multi-controller possibilities

    We designed RedEye from the beginning to support multiple controllers. Configure the system on one phone and your configuration automatically syncs to any new phone, tablet, or PC that connects over the network. Pick up your phone to take a call, and anyone else in the room can open the application and pick up right where you left off — everything from your devices and commands to the current activity update automatically and in real-time.
  • Control RedEye Pro from your PC

    Your RedEye Pro runs a built-in web server so you can control your RedEye system from any PC with a web browser just as you do with your smartphone, with full access to all your activities, devices, and commands.
  • Powerful scripting engine

    With the release of version 2.5.0 of the RedEye app, all of our networked products now include a powerful scripting engine that allows deep customization of buttons and activities. The browser application even includes a sophisticated development environment that makes writing scripts as simple as point and click. This new engine is the basis for future upgrades that will allow control of devices using Internet Protocol, scheduled events, and layout controls that go beyond simple buttons.
  • Remote access

    Version 1.2.0 of the RedEye application introduced the option to specify a RedEye device by IP address. For the networking-inclined, this means that you can access your RedEye even when you are away from home through a VPN or port forwarding.
  • Full backup and restore

    Have you invested some time in getting your RedEye Pro configured just right? By accessing RedEye Pro’s homepage, you can backup your configuration to a PC for safekeeping. Home theater integrators often use this feature to store common devices and commands, which can then be “restored” onto a new unit to speed up the installation process.
  • URL-invocation of commands

    For those into home automation, RedEye Pro offers the ability to invoke infrared commands by loading a URL using HTTP-GET. By popular demand, we are currently working on some changes that will enable launching an activity by invoking a URL, as well.
  • Button feedback

    Although jumping through channels by flicking your phone forward and back is surprisingly intuitive and fun, tapping on touchscreen buttons just isn’t as natural as pressing hard buttons on your original remote. RedEye offers the option to play a satisfying click sound. If you are a bit more adventurous, you can even have your phone vibrate on each button press.
  • Full-screen iPad support

    The RedEye app now runs full screen on both the iPad and Android tablets. On the iPad, RedEye works in both landscape and portrait orientations, and offers full support for multi-tasking. In landscape orientation, you can preview a full hour of TV programming information right alongside your current activity controls.
  • Complete Accessibility

    For years Apple has been a leader in making computing technology accessible to people with diverse needs. RedEye now completely integrates Apple’s accessibility framework to bring the power of control to more people.
  • Multi-lingual support

    RedEye is available in dozens of countries, and our customers increasingly use RedEye in their native languages, with English, Spanish, German, and Italian today and more in the works.
  • Toolbar hiding

    The iPhone screen is pretty big, but sometimes you want to get everything out of the way and focus on your remote control. RedEye gives you a few different options to remove clutter and take control.
  • Multitasking

    Beginning with version 1.2.0, RedEye fully supports iOS 4 multitasking, which means that you can get back to controlling your activities even faster than before.
  • Retina display support

    RedEye now provides high resolution button images so that everything looks crisp and clear on your new iPhone 4.

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