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Veho VCC-A013-UTM Universal tripod mount for Muvi HD
MSRP: CDN $14.95

Universal tripod mount for Muvi and Muvi HD
Veho VCC-A020-USM Universal Suction mount with cradle and tripod mount
MSRP: CDN $34.95

Universal suction mount with cradle and tripod mount for Muvi and Muvi HD
Veho VCC-A014-HM Headband strap mount for Muvi HD
MSRP: CDN $34.95

Veho VCC-A014-HM Rubberised Helmet Mount for MUVI HD with Waterproof Case Tripod Mount
Veho VCC-A017-UPM Universal Pole mount for Muvi HD (Handlebar mount)
MSRP: CDN $34.95

Universal pole/bar mount with tripod mount for Muvi and Muvi range
Veho VCC-A019-MP Monopod & Tripod / "Selfie" Kit
MSRP: CDN $37.95

The amazing duopod is a two-in-one Mini monopod and tripod kit. Compatible with all MUVI Camcorders and all standard cameras and camcorders with a standard tripod thread.
Veho VCC-A015-FBM Flat board mount for Muvi HD (Surfboard, snowboard etc)
MSRP: CDN $39.95

Flatboard mount for surfboard, skateboard, snowboard including tripod mount. For Muvi & Muvi HD range
Veho VCC-A023-PSM Universal Palm Strap Mount - Shooting Grip
MSRP: CDN $49.95

The MUVI™ Palm strap mount is designed to be the mount you can hold in your hand but never drop.
MUVI™ Extra-Long Extendable Monopod
MSRP: CDN $59.95

MUVI™ Extra-Long Extendable Monopod with Locking Tripod Head
Veho VCC-A046-3HG Muvi 3-Way Monopod with Extended Arm
MSRP: CDN $69.99

3-way Monopod for Action Cameras
VCC-A040-XP Muvi X-Pack Wearable Handsfree Camera Mounting Rig
MSRP: CDN $219.95

Capture every moment from a completely new perspective thanks to the Muvi X-Pack from Veho.