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EZD 880 Tote Bag 1 Copy Portable DVD w/LightScribe Technology
EZD 880 Tote Bag
MSRP: CDN $29.00
This weatherproof tote will protect The Coach investment while traveling. Room is provided for the Coach, CD-R's, power supply & additional accessories. A convenient carry strap is also included The DVD Coach Single Target Duplicator is the world's first Ultra Slim Portable DVD/CD Lightscribe Duplicator. Its compact innovative design represents an important advancement in the DVD/CD duplication industry. Unlike other types of systems, the Slim DVDup is easy to use and versatile. The DVD Coach functions as a stand-alone DVD/CD duplicator and can be plugged into a computer to function as a Lightscribe labeling system and two external drives. Beginners and advanced users will find the DVD Coach a perfect portable solution.